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I'm incredibly honored to have the opportunity speak at the biggest Kotlin conference in the world, KotlinConf 2023. Kotlin is a fantastic programming language, every new project I've built in the past 3 years has been all Kotlin – none of which are Android apps, by the way! After a 4-year break due to COVID-19, the JetBrains team is expecting a big turnout (the conference sold out more than 3 months ahead of time), with so many new topics and so much advancement in the language since the last KotlinConf.

One of those new projects is the dataframe library, being developed internally by JetBrains. Although it's still in a pre-release stage, the library already has a great deal of functionality and an easy-to-follow syntax, making it a great choice for data processing tasks and pipelines.

The slides for my talk are available here, and the example Jupyter notebook is available here (coming soon).

Whether you attended my session in person, or remotely, or caught up via the links above, I'm happy to hear any feedback or answer any questions! Please feel free to contact me via the email address in the About Me box below.